Desktop application is updated with Screenshot UX ver1.6.6.
   Please update the desktop application. Click here.


 Make sure that USB debugging is checked under the Settings/Applications/Development folder on the phone. 
 Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging.


1. Installation of Android USB Driver

- Download the usb driver from your phone manufacture support site.
- And follow the instructions in there.
For your convinence
- Followed links can be broken by manufacture's update.
Google prototype phones(Nexus one, Nexus S, Nexus Prime)
If you do not like gooles download step, Download here. Setup instruction.

Find your Samsung Kies download site(8x MB size).

or If you not want Kies, Usb driver only.
                         X64: Click here, X86: Click here
HTC : 
Motorola : 
LG Electronics: 
LG Unified mobile driver(Ver S4981CAN35AP22_ML_WHQL_Ver_3.5)
Other phones: 
Google provide OEM USB Drivers page. Click here

2. Download(Click here) and install desktop application. 

3. Connect the Android phone to the desktop. 
   At your phone, if "Turn on USB storage" screen pops on, ignore it(Press back key or home key or leave it).
   At computer side, Wait until you phone is registered with previously installed usb driver.

4. Then run application, and activate with installed desktop application.
  Then disconnect the phone from the desktop.

5. That's it.

NOTE: I am sorry, but every time you reboot your phone, you have to re-enable the screenshot service(Step3~Step4). 
Due to android security model, you have to re-enable the screenshot service.